Member Access




VTCA’s strength and effectiveness lies in the talent that our individual members bring to the industry.  These member employees bring the energy and expertise together through several committees organized to run the organization as well as address some of the most difficult issues that face our industries.

VTCA’s committee structure is based on the four membership categories that the Alliance represents allowing the groups to focus on the issues pertinent to their respective industries.  Listed below are the standing committees broken down by each membership category.  Details of each committee and their subcommittees are available through the following sections.

VTCA General Committees >>
The Alliance has several committees that support the operation and activities of the entire association such as the Board of Directors and the PAC Legislative Council.

Aggregate Producer Member Committees >>
The Aggregate Producer Leadership Committee (APLC) is committed to representing the unique interests of the Aggregate Producer Membership on issues related to the non-mineral mining industry in Virginia.

Associate Member Committees >>
The Associate Leadership Committee (ALC) represents the interests of those who supply goods and services to the transportation Construction industry.

Contractor Member Committees >>
The Contractor Leadership Committee (CLC) provides representation for the Alliance's Contractor Membership on technical and non-technical issues affecting contractors.

Consultant Engineering Member Committees >>
The Engineer Consultant Leadership Committee (ECLC) provides representation for the Alliance's A/E membership on technical and non-technical issues affecting consultant procurement and contracts.

Design Build Committee >>
The Design Build Committee represents the Alliance's interest in Design Build procurement methods and contracting requirements used in Virginia’s transportation program related projects.