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General Assembly Update

May 22, 2008

New E-Mail Contact System in Place

The Governor has called a special session of the General Assembly to begin on June 23 to deal with the transportation funding.

The Governor will introduce legislation that will provide new and sustainable funding for transportation. That legislation will provide for about $1 billion a year for transportation. Approximately one-half of that money will go to Northern Virginia and Hampton Roads for regional transportation initiatives. Over $470 million a year will go to statewide maintenance.

It is critical that you and your employees contact your legislators and tell them you support sustainable funding for transportation.

And, contacting your legislator just got easier!

Beginning today, there is a new Virginians for Better Transportation/Voter Voice system that will allow you, your family, your friends and your employees to e-mail your legislators quickly and simply.

Go to this VBT web site Contact Your Legislators, click “Take Action” and simply register by putting in your name, home address, and personal e-mail address. The system will provide a prepared e-mail (that you can edit if you want) and automatically send it to your Senator and Delegate.

The system takes less than five minutes to use.
So e-mail your legislators today and encourage your family and employees to use the system as well.