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General Assembly Update

March 20, 2008


The 2008 General Assembly adjourned without addressing transportation funding.

Last year the General Assembly passed HB 3202 which provided for:

  • $500 million in cash surpluses for earmarked transportation projects,
  • $3 billion in bonding authority for VDOT (approximately $300 million a year for 10 years)
  • Regional funding packages for Northern Virginia and Hampton Roads that would add an additional $500 million a year for transportation projects in those two areas
  • $65 million a year (approximately $365 million over the next VDOT Six Year Improvement Program) from abusive driver fees for maintenance.

We now find ourselves back where we started. The abusive driver fees have been repealed. $180 million of the cash surplus has been striped out of the program. The regional funding packages have been found unconstitutional. The economic downturn will almost wipe out any benefit from the bond package.

VDOT will now have to take over $300 million a year out of the construction program to cover basic maintenance. The next VDOT Six year Improvement Program will have to be cut by more than $1 billion. VDOT will run out of money for new construction in 2015. Local governments’ secondary road programs will be cut by an average of 44% this year, meaning that in 2009 they will receive less money for their local road than they did in 1996!

Governor Kaine has announced that he will hold a special session to introduce another transportation plan during a special General Assembly session this spring. While the details for his plan he said that he wants “to make sure the regions have the money they need and that statewide maintenance needs are addressed.“

Make sure your legislator hears from you, your family and your colleagues on the issues that will be addressed in the special session. Please take the time to call, visit, or write your Senator and Delegate and let them know you want them back in Richmond for a special session to fix the funding!

Contact information for your legislators can be clicking on their name at: Legislator Contact Information

If you are not sure who your legislator is go to: Who is my legislator?

Attached are three sample letters that you can use to write your legislator.
Sample Letter #1
Sample Letter #2
Sample Letter #3