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General Assembly Update

June 26, 2008


Just three days into the special session, the Virginia General Assembly is considering over 60 bills dealing with the transportation funding issue.

While there is no consensus or immediate resolution in sight, the Senate has passed a bill that would increase the gas, auto sales and other taxes to provide new sustainable funding for transportation (SB 6009).  The House Rules Committee voted “no recommendation” on the bill, which means it will go to the floor of the House for a vote.

The Governor’s bill (HB 6026) was “killed” by the House Rules Committee when they voted to “pass it by indefinitely” this morning. Despite this, there are still numerous transportation funding bills that are alive and waiting to be acted on by committees.

The funding bills include everything from tolls on interstates, to tax increases, to taking money from the General Fund, to the allocation of offshore drilling royalties to transportation.

In addition, there are bills under consideration that would change the allocation formulas thereby directing the more of the existing transportation monies to urban areas from rural areas.

The Senate has adjourned until July 9th.  It is likely the House will do the same. 

The situation in the General Assembly is very fluid, so stayed tuned for more updates.

Attached is a complete listing and summary of bills that have been introduced so far.