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January 31, 2013

House Finance Committee Votes to Support Governor’s Transportation Bill

Yesterday afternoon the House Finance Committee voted to send the Governor’s transportation funding bill (HB 2313) to the floor. This is a big step forward in getting a transportation funding package passed this year.

Three minor technical amendments were made to the bill: 1) the administration would re-evaluate tolls on I-95; 2) diesel fueled cars would be eligible for a refund on their fuel tax; 3) alternative fuel vehicles that already pay a fuel fee would be exempt from the increase in registration fees.

The vote in the Committee was:

Voting for the bill: Purkey, Hugo, Orrock, Anderson, Garrett, Villanueva, Pogge, Bell, O’Quinn, Head, Lewis, Keam, James, Johnson

Voting against the Bill: Ware, Byron, Cole, Cline, Carr, Watts, Filler-Corn, Marshall

The Senate Finance Committee will hear the bill on today, Thursday, January 31st at 4:30 PM.