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General Assembly Update

January 24, 2014

VTCA has been hard at work during the first weeks of the General Assembly on more than 100 pieces of legislation that impact our members. We are pleased to report that even at this early date, we have achieved a number of successes on behalf of our members:

1. HB 3 - Cline – Would have repealed the 2013 transportation funding bill. STATUS: KILLED.
2. HB 40 - Marshall, R.G. – Would have repealed the provision in the transportation funding bill that raises the gas tax if Congress doesn’t enact the Marketplace Equity Act. STATUS: KILLED
3. HB 1136 - Joannou – Would have required General Assembly approval of tolls and fees for PPTA projects. STATUS: KILLED.
4. SB 26 - Alexander – Would have required PPTA agreements to be presented to the General Assembly for review. STATUS: WITHDRAWN
5. SB 165 - Locke – Would have put additional requirements on PPTA projects. STATUS: WITHDRAWN.
6. SB 174 - Black – Would have allowed certain jurisdictions to enter into long-term $10 million dollar consultant engineering contracts. STATUS: KILLED
7. HB 549 – Filler-Corn – Would have allowed the use of non-objective criteria to be considered in procuring construction services. STATUS: KILLED