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General Assembly Update

January 23, 2013

Today, the House Finance Committee will hear, and likely take action on, the following transportation funding bills, including Governor McDonnell’s:

  • HB 1438 (Purkey) - Indexes gas tax based on USDOT Transportation Services Index.
  • HB 1472 (Watts) - Applies 5% sales tax to motor fuels statewide. Provides Northern Virginia regional funds through 0.5% regional sales tax, 40-cents per $100 recordation tax; reduces sales tax on food.
  • HB 1663 (Minchew) - Allows localities to impose 10-cent per gallon gas tax.
  • HB 1677 (Hugo) - Eliminates the gas tax and increases state sales and use tax by 0.75%.
  • HB 1888 (LeMunyon) - Adjusts Virginia gas and income tax rates for inflation.
  • HB 2063 (Rust) - Authorized planning district commissions to utilize additional 0.5% sales tax and 15-cents per $100 grantors tax.
  • HB 2179 (Rust) - Places 5% sales tax on motor fuels, increases vehicle registration fees, lowers income tax rates in lower tax brackets and eliminates some tax credits. (Same as SB 717)
  • HB 2253 (Albo) - Places 5% sales tax on motor fuels, increases electric vehicle registration fees, changes some individual and corporate income tax rates and provides Northern Virginia localities with transportation funding options.
  • HB 2285 (May) - Establishes alternative fuel tax rates based on fuel efficiency.
  • HB 2313 (Howell) - Governor’s Transportation Funding Package
  • HB 2333 (Watts) - Similar to HB 1472

In addition, the Senate Transportation Committee will be taking up the Governor’s transportation funding bill, SB 1355.

VTCA will be there to testify in favor of long-term, sustainable funding for transportation.