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February 16, 2012


This year we have seen quite a few bills introduced that would provide sustainable funding for transportation.  Most of those bills have been killed.  Here is a breakdown of key bills and who voted against them.

If you live or do business in their District, call them and let them know you are watching their vote and are disappointed in their stance on long-term sustainable funding for transportation. You can find the contact information by clicking on their name link.

I.  House Finance Sub-Committee #2 was responsible for killing many of the transportation funding bills in the House.  Below is a list of the members of that sub-committee that voted against these key transportation funding bills. 

These members voted to kill the bills listed below: Hugo (Chairman), Ware, R.L., Byron, Anderson, Garrett, Bell, Richard P.

H.B. 1239

Patron: Putney

Retail sales and use tax increase.  Increases the state retail sales and use tax from four percent to five percent beginning January 1, 2013, subject to a statewide referendum on the same. The increase in the state retail sales and use tax would result in a combined state and local retail sales and use tax of six percent. One-half of the revenues generated would be deposited into a new special fund, the Supplemental Highway Construction and Maintenance Fund, and one-half of the revenues generated would be used in accordance with the general appropriation act for the provision of mental health services, public K through 12 education, and public higher education.

Of the sales and use tax revenues deposited into the Supplemental Highway Construction and Maintenance Fund, $200 million each fiscal year would be used for the construction of secondary system roads. The remaining sales and use tax revenues deposited into the Fund would be distributed to the Highway Maintenance and Operating Fund to be used (i) to repair bridges that are structurally deficient or functionally obsolete and (ii) for maintenance of the Commonwealth’s highways.

H.B. 393

Patron: Howell, A.T.

Motor fuels tax; rate increase.  Increases the motor fuels tax rate by $0.10 per gallon and dedicates the additional revenue to the operation, maintenance, improvement, and expansion of the Commonwealth’s transportation system.

H.B. 802

Patron: May

Transportation funding and administration; Virginia Pump Toll (“FareShare”).  Imposes the Virginia Pump Toll (“FareShare”), in the amount of (i) $0.50 on each use of a retail motor fuels pump and an additional $0.50 when purchasing 35 or more gallons; (ii) $1.00 on each 12-gallon sale of gasoline (other than for resale) from a transport truck or tank wagon and on each 60-gallon sale of diesel fuel (other than for resale) from a transport truck or tank wagon; (iii) an amount to be determined by the Commissioner of the Department of Motor Vehicles on the bulk purchase of clean fuel other than electricity at a rate equivalent to $1.00 times the volume of clean fuel required to fill the average size fuel tank to three quarters full; and (iv) $0.50 on each sale of clean fuel at an electric vehicle charging service facility. Revenue from the FareShare shall be used for highway maintenance and operation in the highway construction district in which the motor fuel is sold. The amount of the FareShare increases by 10 percent every five years. The bill has a delayed effective date of January 1, 2013.

II. House Finance Sub-Committee #1 killed a key piece of funding legislation proposed by Delegate Albo that would have increased the share of sales tax going to transportation and indexed the gas tax. 

These are the members that voted to kill this bill: Cline (Chairman), Orrock, Cole, Marshall, R.G., Pogge, O’Quinn, Head.

H.B. 899

Patron: Albo

Transportation funding; motor fuels tax and sales and use tax revenue.  Provides funds for statewide transportation by indexing the motor fuels tax rate to the National Highway Construction Cost Index. The bill also allocates a portion of current sales and use tax revenue by (i) dedicating the revenue equal to a one-quarter percent sales and use tax in Northern Virginia for transportation projects in Northern Virginia, and (ii) dedicating the revenue equal to a one-quarter percent sales and use tax in Hampton Roads for transportation projects in Hampton Roads.

III. Senate. The Senate voted to pass SB 639 by a vote of 26-14.  SB 639, will, among other things index the gas tax.

These are the Senators that voted against SB 639:  Richard H. Black, Charles W. Carrico, Sr., Thomas A. Garrett, Stephen H. Martin, Ryan T. McDougle, Jeffrey L. McWaters, John C. Miller, Stephen D. Newman, Mark D. Obenshain, Bryce E. Reeves, Ralph K. Smith, William M. Stanley, Jr., Richard H. Stuart, Jill Holtzman Vogel