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General Assembly Update

February 11, 2010

Next Wednesday, February 17th will mark “crossover” the half-way point for the General Assembly, after which each house may only consider the others bills. The next few days will be a whirlwind effort for committees to take up bills that have yet to be acted on. Attached is an updated status list of bills and resolutions which we are tracking and acting on for our members.

There are a handful of transportation funding bills in the Senate, which is much more supportive of a long term fix for transportation funding: SB 76 (Reynolds) Transportation funding, Salem district; SB 114 (Petersen) Motor fuels tax; SB 223 (Barker) Fuels tax; SB 343 (Hanger) Fuels tax; SB 684 (Miller,J) Provides new and increased taxes, tolls, etc., & general fund revenues for funding. We expect the Senate Finance Committee will “consolidate” those bills into a transportation funding package and send it to the full Senate for action next week. Assuming it can get through the Senate, it will an uphill battle to get the House to act on it.

2010 VTCA Legislation (As of 2/10/10)