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Design Build Committee

Chair: Ed Stelter, Faulconer Construction Company

The Design Build Committee was established to represent the Alliance’s interest in Design Build procurement methods and contracting requirements used in Virginia’s transportation program related projects.

Since introduction of state legislation in 2001 that authorized VDOT to begin utilizing the design build method of procurement the Department has continued to evolve the program.  In anticipation of the growing use of Design Build VTCA established the Design Build Task Force to work closely with the Virginia Department of Transportation and represent the interests of the industry.  The original vision of the task force was to have it remain active during VDOT’s development of the new procurement methods and contract language necessary for Design Build delivery.
As a result of the continuing dynamic nature of the Department’s program the Task Force was officially converted to a standing committee in 2009 by the VTCA Board of Directors.  The Design Build Committee operates under the oversight of VTCA’s Board of Directors.